Wednesday, July 29

Mika Rose + Giveaway

 Finding a good dress or skirt that you can dress up or down is not an easy task. We were so excited to team up with a cute boutique that carries modest and trendy dresses: Mika Rose! We're hosting a giveaway of a $100 gift card to their online store on Instagram so be sure to follow us (@gardinersistersofficial) to enter.

I'll admit it. I am a serious Sunday dress struggler. The ONLY time I ever wear something that is remotely feminine is on Sunday when I go to church, and guys, I seriously have such a problem pulling together dressy outfits that a couple times I have worn the same church outfit TWO WEEKS IN A ROW LIKE HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!

I've discovered that the easiest way for me to look my very best on Sunday is to keep it simple. Dresses are my saving grace! All I have to do is choose one, make sure it wasn't the one I wore last week, and slip it on! No tucking in, pulling down, buttoning or anything complicated. I usually opt for sandals or flat shoes, since I once had a traumatizing experience that involved falling in my heels as the entire congregation turned around in concern for my life. I literally crawled out the door, too ashamed to stand up and walk to the hallway. No heels.

This is what we call the "Drizella". 10 points to anyone who knows the reference...

I LOVE this dress from Mika Rose. The floral pattern is simple but sweet, and I love the color. I'm all about neutrals, but when it's summer and I can't go out in a turtleneck and trench coat or all black, this is an equally simple option that makes me actually look like a woman. I also love that it covers everything! It has sleeves that are the perfect length and comes to my knees, so I don't have to worry about adjusting it. Such a lovely dress!

Hailey's Dress: Cora Dress

Recently I've been in a dress-only phase.. Seriously it's all I've been wearing!
It gets pretty hot in the summer, so something that is easy, breezy, beautiful, (covergirl) is a must for me.

Ummmm...This dress is so fab- like can we talk about the print for a minute?!

You can wear this dress in so many ways- you can keep it simple with a pair of strappy heels, or bring in a pop of color with bright shoes or a statement necklace. I chose to keep it simple since I feel like the dress speaks for itself.

Soooo pretty much what I'm trying to say here is this dress is perfect.
I'll be wearing it 3x a week its fine.

Allie's Dress: Lauren Dress

If you knew me and you came over to my house during the week, I would probably be in my usual leggings and t-shirts, but I will tell you... I do like to dress up! A lot! 
If there's an occasion to throw on a cute dress or skirt I am all in! I always go for the pencil skirts. I find them sophisticated, flattering, and can be worn to any occasion. I loved the unique pattern on this particular skirt, and OH MY GOSH it has pockets. 
I fell in love right away! 

I do apologize.
I struggle to take normal pictures. This outfit is apparently completely dance-able.
I could totally get away with it at a wedding... 

Pencils skirts can be paired with any top.
I love chiffon anything, like the white shirt I'm wearing, and I love the cross over in the front of the shirt that adds to some texture without me having to put on a giant necklace or another layer. The shirt is THE perfect summer Sunday top! 

Peter Pan called. He wants his pose back.
Throw on some heels to dress your look up, or keep it flat with some sandals like me.
The options are endless! 

I feel the way you dress really reflects a lot about who you are and your individual personality. 
I've always tried to be true to myself with what I choose to wear. 
I love the beautiful modest style of Mika Rose and I absolutely love their comfortable, classy clothing. 
And again, who doesn't love pockets in their dresses or skirts? 

Mandi's Outfit: Front Drape Top (White), Triangle Pencil Skirt

-Hailey, Allie, & Mandi-

Friday, July 24

Allie's Summer Beauty & Favorites

Hey Everyone!

Summer is probably my favorite season (a close second would be fall), and with summer comes some of my FAVORITE products.

To me, summer is all about natural beachy beauty :)
I also wanted to share some of my other favorite summer-y things (books, sunscreen, candles, etc.)

I hope you enjoy my Summer Beauty/favorites video! 
All the products used/mentioned are linked below.
Let me know what you think!

Also, don't forget to tell me what YOUR summer favorites are!
Happy Summer! :) 




Wednesday, July 22

"You Rock My World"

 Let’s go back to the beginning.
It’s funny how all the little things from your childhood sculpt you. One of the most common questions people ask me and my sisters is, “When did you start singing?”
It makes me laugh because I can’t look back on my life and think of a time where I didn’t love singing. Whether it was the church talent show when I was three, my five year-old self in my room screaming “Once Upon A December” at the top of my lungs along with the cassette tape, or filming a music video of one of my own creations at nineteen, music has always been a huge part of my existence.
I guess you could say music is my life.
Well that and food, but that’s beside the point… 

I don’t think I could pick just one genre or style of music I love and listen to. My iTunes library has everything from classical to rock and I love it all! A great song is a great song, right? There are certain artists and genres however, that have definitely influenced me, and I’ll add my sisters too, over the years.    
 Growing up we listened to Michael Jackson all the time. Our mom loves him and she has ever since she was a little girl. I specifically remember her playing him in the car a lot and we would dance… Well as much as you can in a booster seat… Our mom also played a lot of Mariah Carey. 
                                           Her album “Butterfly” is still one of my favorites.

Our dad on the other hand was never a huge Michael fan (I know… something I will never understand) but he has this huge love for Jazz music and specifically for Russ Freeman. As kids he would always play The Rippingtons. I remember loving to jam out in his little purple car because of its great sound system! They always had the most interesting album art - like the one with the cat and all the crazy colors. Classical music is also one of our dad’s favorites. He used to wake us up on Saturday mornings blasting Mozart and Beethoven, and all the other ones you could possibly think of. We hated it at the time, but now looking back I find it pretty funny. 

 Our little sphere of musical influence didn’t end at Bach though.
Some of my fondest childhood memories are at my grandparent’s house included CĂ©line Dion and Josh Groban. They were a popular favorite. I have a huge love for both of them still, and I confess I listen to them every Sunday to this day!
 Looking back on all the music around us as kids, I can see what aspects of each album or artist influence what I listen to, and how I create music. I’m totally obsessed with all things Michael (that one I blame on my mother). Because of all that Jazz music from my dad, I love smooth harmonies, complex chord progressions, and syncopation. I also tend to get hooked on R&B artists, probably because it’s like a mixture of Mariah and Jazz… Weird huh? R&B definitely influences our sister harmonies.   

Jump5 was a Christian group, and basically was my childhood in a nutshell.
We had a babysitter bring one of their CD’s over one day and we were hooked after first play! We bought every album and song they ever released, and they were actually my first concert (that I was old enough to really remember). We always admired how uplifting their music was, and they really inspired us to make our music and message positive. 

Another group I can remember us learning all of the songs to was Celtic Woman. I remember seeing them in concert and wanting to be them! There harmonies are beautiful, and they look like princesses! I could see my sisters and I doing something similar to them when we’re older! Ahh! It’s just so beautiful…

It really is so interesting to look back and see how the artists we listened to and were inspired by influenced the music we create and arrange as sisters. I thought it would be fun to tell you the specific songs, and what parts and components sparked ideas for the writing and production of my original:

“Rock With Me”
Love Never Felt SoGood- Michael Jackson: When trying to learn this song on the piano, I started messing around, and I stumbled across the chords I ended up using for my song.
Off the Wall- MichaelJackson: The lyrics inspired me to write my own “feel-good” song that would make you wanna get up and dance!
Treasure- Bruno Mars: The over-all throwback feel for production.
Don’t Think They Know(feat. Aliyah)- Chris Brown: Random, I know… but I loved the smooth breakdown bridge, and I HAD to do one in my song.
Nobody But You-Kimbra: Has the fake-out ending, which I like to call 'The After Party’ in “Rock With Me”.

Thanks for joining me on my walk through the past!
Music is one of the greatest things the world has to offer! I love you guys and hope you enjoyed a look into what makes the Gardiner Sisters the Gardiner Sisters! And as for the pictures... Well I thought they might make you laugh. Love you guys!

<3 Mandi

Wednesday, July 15

We're Going On Tour!

We can't believe it! This fall, we are going on our very first headlining tour!  We can't wait to meet and hug all of you and share an evening together.

Gardiner Sisters Fall 2015 Better Tour Dates
8.7-8.8 | OREM, UTAH | CVX Live |
8.17 | NASHVILLE, TN | Song Suffragettes |
9.14 | LOS ANGELES, CA | The Mint (16+) |
9.29 | PORTLAND, OR | Alberta Rose Theater |
10.1 | SEATTLE, WA | The Vera Project |
More dates to come soon!
Vote for us to come play a show in YOUR city!

See you soon!
Much love,
Hailey, Allie, & Mandi

Saturday, June 27

Hold Back The River

James Bay. What can be said about James Bay? He is a killer songwriter and performer, and we couldn't wait to cover one of the best songs off of his debut album "The Chaos and The Calm". When we released our "Better" EP, our record debuted at #4, right in between James Bay & Ed Sheeran on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts. What an honor!

Such an amazing location!

After we recorded the song, we knew exactly what we wanted the video to look like, and were able to use our friend Tyson Henderson and his wife Hayley to film it out in the middle of nowhere!

When we got to the location, someone had already created a HUGE "G" out of rocks. We were amazed! In some of the aerial shots you can see it on the ground in front of us. Coincidence? We think NOT!

This video was made possible by our AMAZING patrons! Their donations allow us to continue to create content that we are proud of that they want to see. We've recently expanded our goals on Patreon to include making it possible to take our live show on the road this fall! If you'd like to support us and bring us to your city, you can become a Patron and donate as little as $1 per video we release.

Hailey was so excited to play her new red guitar...channeling James Bay.

Thank you for continually supporting us and allowing us to try new things and create, create, create for YOU! Have a beautiful weekend!
Hailey, Allie, & Mandi

Friday, June 5

How to Survive School and Love It!

Oh what a blessed day it was when I walked across the podium, shook the hands of the Universities' most prestigious academic patrons, and received that lovely red diploma signifying the end of my formal college studies. Hallelujah!

Although I'll never forget the accomplishment I felt on my graduation day, that event certainly wasn't the end of my education! Graduating is simply the beginning of the next stages of learning and growing that should be continuous throughout our entire lives. 

Gordon B. Hinckley's message "Seek Learning" on education helped motivate me to gain the very best education that I could, and inspired my pursuit of a higher degree. Though my sisters and I had big dreams and plans of becoming full-time musicians, I knew that in order to live up to my potential as a business woman, future mother and wife, leader, and peacemaker in the world, I needed to be educated. I needed to dedicate some time to pursuing my interests outside of music so that I could be capable of giving my very best self to others.

I learned through all of my years of attending school that the environment of public or formal schooling itself (sitting in a classroom, taking tests, attending lectures, etc.) is not the only way to learn. Education is gained in all of life's challenging and eye-opening experiences. I personally didn't thrive in the public education system, and often felt the structure of a classroom stifled my creativity and ability to communicate. 

At the same time, there were incredible, valuable lessons I was taught while sitting in the presence of some of the world's most brilliant minds. I gained the most value from my education in the ideas and personal stories that were shared, the perspectives offered, the readings, papers, and assignments that I connected with personally, and most importantly, the people that helped shape me into the person that I wanted to be.

If I were to go back to my younger self and offer some advice in those awkward high school teenage years and overwhelming college days, I would break it down into three points:

1. Don't let the amount of work to be done get in the way of who you ultimately want to become.
Balance is key in the pursuit of educational goals. I feel that I often compromised my hard-working nature when it came to school as I made excuses not to attend class or do my assignments. Now that I can look back and see clearly, I know that it's not about the papers, homework, tests, and lectures. It's about the principles of timeliness, waking up early, diligence, and balance. There really is time for everything! You don't have to scrap your dreams of becoming an artist just because you have a ton of math homework to do. Do it all! Do everything. It all connects in some way in the end. Ultimately, you are proving mostly to yourself what you are capable of. 

 2. Find and follow your passion.
In one of my college communications classes I watched a lecture by Sir Ken Robinson called "How Schools Kill Creativity". I then read (and re-read, and re-read) his book "The Element". His ideas about finding and pursuing your passion completely changed my life and the goals I pursued as a student and a musician. When you are doing what you love and surrounding yourself with people of your "tribe" who inspire you, you perform at a higher level and are self-motivated and successful. I truly believe that you will be SO much happier if you connect what excites and inspires you to your educational pursuits. Though I didn't major in anything musical, my degree in International Culture Studies was the result of my passion for culture, traveling, and my goals to participate in humanitarian service.

3. Being a leader doesn't necessarily = popularity.
I've never been in any kind of "popular" circle in any of my school years. Although I wanted to serve on student government and leadership positions in my school, I felt like I couldn't because I wasn't super pretty, on the cheer team or even acknowledged by anyone other than my teachers sometimes. I wish that I would have set those fears aside, realized that none of it was true, and just focused on serving others! It wasn't until college that I started getting involved by being in the presidencies of clubs, running for Vice President of the student body, volunteering to help at student social functions and performing at local events. What a difference it made to feel like I was contributing to making other people happy! You can lead in small ways by simply being kind to others, sitting by someone who is alone, being friends with those who are lonely, helping those who may need help, and being the kind of person people can trust and rely on.

 Mandi's high school graduation day.

Allie's High School Graduation!

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, depressed, discouraged, and disappointed. I can honestly say that some of the hardest and most trying times in my life were connected to my experiences in trying to gain my education. That being said, there were also the most wonderful moments of happiness, accomplishment, excitement, and growth that occurred in those years. I'm so grateful for the chance that I had to pursue my educational goals and achieve something I had dreamed of my whole life! Getting my bachelor's degree helped make me a better person, and has and will continue to open the door to opportunities to serve. So do your best in school, dream big, keep going even when it seems impossible, and find what you love and do it!