Monday, August 25

Back to School!

The time has come for lunches to be packed, empty notebooks to be filled, new friends to be made, tests to be taken, and books to be read. Starting a new school year is a chance to reset your goals and try a little harder to be a better student, athlete, musician, actor, or friend.
Here's some of our advice to get things off to a good start!

It's that time already, kids! School time, that is. 
My School Style: When it comes to school clothes, I've never been one to really dress up for the occasion. In fact, all throughout high school I really only wore sweatshirts, jeans, and boots every day (I'm for real). I like to be comfortable at school. Plus let's be real- at 6 am nobody has energy to pick out a cute complicated outfit. Except for Mandi.  And Hailey. Ok maybe I'm alone in this haha. 
My Advice: This year just remember to be yourself! Be kind to others, make new friends, and don't waste time trying to fit in. Your real friends will love you just the way you are. Be good, and study hard! Here's to the school year! And to sweatpants! Joggers are my new best friend ;)
xoxo Allie

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 Wake Up! Wake Up! First Day Of School!!! First Day Of School!!!! I can't believe it's already here. 
My School Style: Unlike my sister Allie, I've always looked at school as an opportunity to get ready. Gosh we are so different. Maybe my OCD got the best of me, but I always had my outfit picked out the night before so it was easy to get ready and get out on time. I love simple comfortable outfits with one statement accessory that gives the illusion that you're all dressed up. Shoes are my weakness. Boots with a great pair of high-waisted jeans, and a simple shirt will do the trick! 
My Advice: Although clothes are so much fun, school is really all about making memories and developing yourself in as many areas as possible. Challenge yourself this year! Step outside of your little box and try something new! Get involved, have so much fun this year, study hard, and look for someone who needs a friend! Good Luck!!!! 
  <3 Mandi

top: Qrew (similar)   jeans: Delias  boots: Forever 21  backpack: T.J.Maxx (similar)

 Mandi stole my Finding Nemo quote. Dang it.
My School Style: Although I love to get dressed up every once in a while, my go-to school outfits consisted of jeans, comfy oversize shirts, and a cute pair of sneakers. I don't know why most teachers like to try to simulate a trip to Antarctica by dropping the temperature of the classroom below zero, but you can easily fight the frostbite with a cute scarf and cardigan to keep warm without looking like a snow bunny. A simple braid is a great school hairstyle; it's easy to transition from gym class to English without having to completely re-do your hair in the middle of the day!
My Advice: Growing up, first day of school usually fell on my birthday, but I learned to make the best of it and enjoy myself at school even if it wasn't easy! Choosing to have a good attitude every day can make all the difference. School for me was never a great social experience, but I learned to enjoy the good friends I did have and get the most out of my education by taking good notes with my colorful pens and reading novels under my desk when I finished my assignments early. Choose to be happy every day!

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Wednesday, August 20


Here it is, kids! My cover of "Spotlight" by Leagues. This has been one of my favorite songs for a couple years now so I decided to cover it for you guys! I also messed up a lot while filming this... enough to make an entire bloopers video (you can watch that below)

We also had some fun with the camera afterwards, so I'll share those pictures with you as well :) Let me know what you think! Love you guys.
xoxo Allie

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Monday, August 18

A New Beginning...

Welcome to our blog!

We are so excited to share with you a new side of us: a side that includes lots of food, style posts, beauty tutorials, and personal insights on the things we love most. We want you to be a part of our family!

Thank you for your incredible love and support of our music. We are thrilled to start this new chapter of our lives and can't wait for you to join us on this journey.

-Hailey, Allie, & Mandi-

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Brandy Melville: Dress, Sweater (similar), Necklace

Monday, November 18

Q&A in "The Office" - Get to know GS!

You asked, we answered! Send us your questions on Twitter and Instagram using #AskGS and we'll answer them in the most normal way possible (not).

Monday, January 31

Gardiner Sisters on New Team Jonas DVD!!!

We had the privilege of meeting and singing for the Jonas Brothers! We were happily surprised and grateful to see that our meeting was recorded and shared on the Team Jonas World Tour DVD! A HUGE thanks to the Jonas family and to Team Jonas!
Members of Team Jonas can get the Team Jonas DVD Here:

Wednesday, December 22

Gardiner Sisters Release New Original Song!!!

Now Available on iTunes!:  My Way or the Highway

Thanks for passing it on to your family and friends and for subscribing to our channel!!

Tuesday, August 3

Gardiner Sisters Win AJ Rafael's Song Contest!

Yep, that's right, we were honored to win

AJ Rafael's "Across The Sea" Contest!!

AJ is one of the most popular musicians on the Internet and is very talented, we're so happy for his kind words!

The contest was to write an original song on the theme of "Across the Sea". Here's the video we entered in the contest: