The Bloopers Are Real Life

One of my absolute favorite parts about being a sister is the amount of laughter we share when we're together. I mean, it's really ridiculous. We are THOSE people. The kind who clap their hands in unison and rock back and forth in silent laughter. The kind who are made so weak when something hilarious happens we can't even stand up, and we instead choose to cling to each other and fall to the floor. We're the kind who have to put our heads between our knees and hold our hands over our mouths in desperation in serious meetings (mostly church) when something funny happens because we LITERALLY can't control ourselves and one peep from one sister will set off the entire row and we are all out. We absolutely love to laugh!

When we first started posting on YouTube, we'd include all of the shenanigans that happened in between takes in as "bloopers" at the end of our videos. But to be honest, most of those moments are us just being completely ourselves. I'm so thankful that those totally crazy, loud, obnoxious sister moments are captured and preserved, because that is how we really interact with each other both on and off camera.

Because I feel like most of y'all have grown up with us on YouTube and you know our whack sense of humor, I wanted to share with you some of our recent photos that literally made me laugh until I was crying. Some of you might think we are just weirdos. Well...we are. But some of you might see what we see and just get a kick out of the dumb things we find so funny. Usually when I edit our photos I just skip over all of the stupid ones, but this time I edited every single photo because they just capture our sense of humor and how we interact as sisters. So...I give you the Gardiner Sisters in real life. Like really. This is how many photos it takes to get ONE good one.

These two make me laugh like NOBODY can. I'm so thankful we can share our crazy sisterhood with YOU!

Love y'all!

- Hailey-