New York City! Broadway, Food, & THE PHANTOM

Our first trip to NYC was a dream! We never could have imagined we'd love it as much as we did, but we seriously can't wait to go back.

We spent lots of time exploring the infamous Times Square during the day as well as at night. Although we were overwhelmed at first, it is incredible to be surrounded by so many bright lights and signs and people. The energy is amazing!

We also had the best tour guides around - our friends AJ Rafael & TJ Brown! We had the best time getting to catch up, eat, and see a Broadway show with some of our favorite YouTube friends. AJ has been like our big brother since we met him 5 years ago, we love him so much and every person he introduces us to becomes like another member of our family!


We got to see our first Broadway shows on this trip. Tuck Everlasting was absolutely magical! The cast was incredible and since we'd read the book as kids and already knew the storyline, it was sweet to see it brought to the stage. The night before we had just seen Phantom of the Opera...which was INCREDIBLE. We're stoked to go back and see as many musicals as we can! There's nothing like Broadway.

Of course, no GS trip is complete without LOTS of food stops. We hit up shake shack THREE times. Three times, people. That place is MONEY. We also tried our fair share of street food, but our favorite meals were at Spice Market and Fig & Olive, which were both definitely a more upscale dining experience. There is every kind of food you can possibly think of in New York, so it was fun to explore some new flavors and foods.

Taking the subway was so cheap and easy, we wish we would have done it more!

Central Park lived up to all of our expectations! It's the most beautiful oasis and escape from all of the madness. We loved Strawberry Fields, the section of the park dedicated to John Lennon. It was so sweet to sing along to Beatles songs with strangers in the park and remember the incredible artist and person that John was.

Most romantic place EVER! NYC in spring was gorgeous!

Grand Central Terminal was a must see for us, especially since so many of our favorite movies have scenes set in this iconic spot! It really was just as awesome as we thought it would be, with an INSANE amount of people literally RUNNING everywhere. We kept laughing as we watched them and wondered where they possibly had to be that required sprinting at full speed?!

Spending time as sisters and exploring new places together is our favorite thing to do! Let us know in the comments below where your favorite stops are in NYC so next time we can do and see even more! Love y'all!

-Hailey, Allie, & Mandi-