We’re taking you to the beach, no matter what your summer plans are!

Sandy toes, blue waves, sun-kissed skin, we’re already feeling these summer vibes, and we’re getting a head start on all the summer fun! We’ve teamed up with Tossd™ to bring those beach curls to you everywhere you go this year! 

It’s more than just salt spray in a bottle.

Tossd donates $1 to an OSSO orphanage in Cuenca, Ecuador with every bottle purchased. We love cute products that are striving to making a difference in the world, Tossd really touched our hearts, and every order will make a difference.

Mandi with the founder of Tossd, Savanna

Mandi with the founder of Tossd, Savanna

Great for your Hair,

This salt spray is all natural and organic! 

Waves for Days 

Waves for Days 

Our styling tips for you: Spray on dry hair, style, and add in a little extra when you're done! Feels like you just spent a day at the beach!

Summer Vibes

Try both the Peppermint and Lavender scents! 

Tossd is amazing for naturally curly hair too! 

Toss it like it's hot!

Find balance this summer.

We absolutely love Tossd Salt Spray, with a great purpose in every purchase!

You can take your beach curls with you all year round, whether you make it to the beach or not this summer, and don’t forget you can get 15% off using the code “gardinersisters” at checkout until June 10th! Enjoy your beach waves, and we hope you’re getting ready for a wonderful summer!

We love you all!