Scarlet & Gold

Calling all my Southern Belles!

Y'all ready for this?!

Our most used expression exists in printed t-shirt form.

Bless your heart. Bless his heart. Oh, BLESS. Or if you're like Allie, you even bless your OWN heart on occasion. Let's be real; everybody's heart needs to blessed sometimes.

I'm so excited to share with you the most adorable boutique that I discovered on Instagram a couple months ago: Scarlet & Gold! Not only do they have the cutest tanks, tees, phone cases, and wall prints, their company and products have a great purpose and message; to bring people closer to Christ. I'm OBSESSED! Especially with this Bless Your Heart tee!

I'm all about the little reminders, like this tee, that lead me to think about our Savior and reflect on the beautiful tender mercies He grants to us every single day. Especially when I feel like I'm lacking or inadequate, I am reminded that the Lord cares most about the person I am BECOMING rather than my weaknesses. This process of becoming lasts a lifetime, but it helps to put things in perspective to know that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

What's the condition of YOUR heart? It might be good to do some reflecting and ask yourself where you stand in your relationship with God, and take the necessary steps to draw nearer to Him in your thoughts, words, and actions. We can spend all the time we want putting on makeup, posting photos of ourselves, pursuing selfish interests, and ignoring the hearts of others who are calling out for us, but ultimately as we learn in 1 Samuel 16:7,  "the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." If our heart's not in the right place, we won't be able to do the work the Lord has set out for us to do and fulfill our potential.

I know y'all already know this about me, but I'm definitely a girl who's in love with LOVE. It's what inspires my songs, gives me purpose and happiness in my life, and helps me to make right decisions. The ultimate source of constant and perfect love is Jesus Christ, who set an example for how we should love and be loved.

Look at my beautiful sister! There's definitely a special kind of love that we have as sisters, but it all comes back to the knowledge that we have of the eternal importance of families. We believe our family can be together forever, and that completely affects the way we treat one another.

Romantic love can be equally as lovely, pure and perfect. As many of you know, Allie is now a married woman! Seeing her find fulfillment and happiness in her relationship with her husband just makes all of us excited to find that kind of love in our own marriages one day.
She's just so cute in her Literally Love tank!

We both loved this fun Flamingo print tank, just in time for summer!

We had a little too much fun trying to dress in almost the exact same outfit. HA! It's funny how similar our wardrobes are, even though we NEVER share clothes! All of us sisters own a few of the exact the same items and have to be careful not to wear them on the same day.

Even though we may look VERY similar these days (we get asked if we're twins EVERY time we're out together), we LOVE celebrating our differences and embracing our individual interests and personalities. It's so fun to relate to each other on the fundamental important things, and then to see where our specific gifts and talents lie and to pursue our own goals and dreams! Allie just started her own Beauty Channel on YouTube! I think it's so great that she's following her passion for makeup and beauty and trying something new. Check out her channel here!

Sometimes I fall into the trap of comparing myself to others, even my sisters, and listen to the lies that tell me I'm somehow not good enough compared to the strengths of others. But that's TOTALLY not true! All of us are beautifully and wonderfully made to fulfill our own purpose and mission in this life. There's room for ALL of us! Remember that every day should be about becoming someone a little better than who we were yesterday. Someone said in church last Sunday that we may not be given every gift, but we are given some. Our job is to discover our personal gifts and use them to lift and inspire others!

I reached out to Scarlet & Gold because I just love them so much and I wanted to share them with y'all, and they are kind enough to offer our followers free shipping on anything from their store! Just use the code GARDINERS at checkout.

I hope you'll be reminded of how WONDERFUL you are! You have so much potential to do good in this world and I'm thankful for each one of you for the love and support you show myself and my family!

BLESS YOUR HEARTS. Every single one of them.