Lost in Autumn


She is falling

Falling into rose colored grounds

Of scattered autumn leaves

She is flying

Flying to the heights of worlds 

The eye has yet to see

Where summer ends 

‘Fore winter turns

(Lindsay's Outfit: Ribbed Top, Mom Jeans, Taupe Booties, Cardigan)

The world in all Her peace


When autumn calls 


The seasons fall


In yellow, gold, and green

She is sleeping

Sleeping in an open field

Of flowers red and white

[Mandi's Outfit: Pattern Dress (similar), Light Ribbed T-shirt, Fringe Booties, Knot Bracelet (similar), Gold Bar Bracelet, Earrings (similar), Petite Gold Necklace (similar), Oval Turquoise Ring (similar)


She is dreaming


Dreaming to birds that sing

Their song fading with sunlight

(Lindsay's Outfit: Gray Chunky Sweater (similar), Green Flannel, Boyfriend Jeans (similar), Black Chelsea Boots)

The scattered rays across her face

Remind her trees are changing


She wakes to find her dreaming place

She follows down a trail of green

(Truck Set-up: Patterned Pillow, Oversized-Kit Pillow, Gray Pillow, Small Knit Pillow (similar), Fuzzy White Throw Blanket)  


Then down a rocky path


And to her home of bark from trees

She is safe inside at last