Behind The Music: All My Life

I’m the kind of girl who is in love with love. You know, Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, Arwen and Aragorn kind of love. (I just realized Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly appear twice in those references. I sense a theme here…) I am so inspired by love stories in novels and those portrayed in timeless films, and have found that most of the songs that are most natural for me to write are about my personal relationships and the experiences I have falling in and out of love.

I feel that so often, the types of “love” we see in the media or in our social circles are the kind of lustful, fleeting emotions that don’t constitute true, lasting love. Relationships are centered around temporary personal satisfaction, rather than trusting, long term commitment, and this false sense of  “love” is what drives people into damaging and often unwise relationships with nothing to bind them together other than physical attraction or common interests.

One day I saw a video on YouTube called, “What is Love”, which tells the real-life story of an Australian couple named Bill & Glad who have spent a lifetime building a wonderful, deep relationship and celebrated 50 years of marriage together. I was so touched by Bill’s commitment to serving and loving his dear wife, who could no longer take care of herself, that I was brought to tears. I pulled out my guitar and watched the video on repeat, and started writing the love story that I felt was told in the video through song. I wrote the lyrics from my own perspective; they are what I want to say to the man I will love forever, the man I will spend the rest of my life and have a family with. I haven’t met him yet, but “All My Life” is the promise I hope to be able to exchange with the man I will honor and cherish and love as my husband in the future.

I’m so grateful to the channel who produced the “What is Love?” video, yesHEis, for allowing me to use the video that inspired me to hope for higher love. I am honored to be able to share Bill & Glad’s sweet story with our song and I hope many people can relate when they think of their sweetheart and forever love. Thanks also to our friend Luke Melrose, for filming us and the story of young Bill & Glad.

Real love is selfless, committed, patient, and is sealed with trust, total fidelity, and honor. This kind of love is what binds families together and allows us to become the people we have the potential to be. As we go through hard times, true love is what holds us together and helps us grow closer and eventually become completely unified. This is the kind of love I know I’ll find one day, if I am doing everything I can to be worthy of it. There is no need to settle for anything less than the Bill & Glad, “All My Life” kind of love. You are worth it!