Black Magic

Two words: chocolate cake. Thank heavens for being in a big family. A big family means an automatic 10+ cakes a year. Mandi’s birthday cake this year was unreal: dark chocolate cake and frosting as black as the cat hair Hermoine used in her polyjuice potion in the Chamber of Secrets. Straight up black magic, people.

I wore these adorable boots for the first time last weekend at our show in LA. Before the show started I tried to sneak out the venue and unfortunately was seen by the whole front row tripping down the invisible stairs out the door and falling flat on my face. Let me tell you, it was a spectacle. "Break a leg" took on a whole new meaning. Classic!
Let's talk about my shirt. Let me tell's SO soft, sort of like a rub-it-against-your-face suede material. This outfit is so comfortable I literally wear variations of it every day. Leggings, t-shirt. Leggings, t-shirt. Sometimes you mix it up with a little leggings, t-shirt, EGYPTIAN PRINCESS NECKLACE. BAM. ("That's So Raven" reference). Add some easily walkable heels and suddenly I look like I'm trying. Little do you know this is also my PJ's.


 tee: Brandy Melville (similar)  Forever21: leggingsshoes, necklace (similar)