Eating Our Way Through San Francisco

We got to spend this past weekend in Merced and San Francisco, California! After getting to play a fun show on Friday, we had a day to explore the beautiful San Fran. Naturally, we chose to experience the culture of the city by eating. All. Day. Long!

We stumbled upon the most adorable cafe called "Dolce Amore". I fell in love immediately- all of the desserts in the window were a work of art (and they tasted amazing too!). I would highly highly recommend that you stop by if you're ever in the San Fran area. You won't regret it!

These chocolates reminded us of Willy Wonka. The flavors were incredible!

The best macarons we've ever tasted!

Yes. I am walking as fast as I can to Sushi. Trust me, you would be too if you tried this melt-in-your-mouth fishy goodness! Nara (the restaurant name) ruined sushi in general for me, because I'm afraid if I ever want to eat it again it will have to be here or Japan. I would really consider taking a trip back to this magical city just for a dinner appointment with Sebastian and Flounder. Oh that's terrible! I can't believe I just said that... Anyways, to those of you who don't like sushi, have you ever had it in San Francisco? And to those of you who have never had it, don't be scared to give it a try, it's one of my absolute favorites! 
<3 Mandi

THE BEST California Rolls I've ever eaten. They were incredibly fresh and the balance of flavors was quite the experience. If you're a sushi beginner, I would recommend starting with that. Everything is cooked, but still great! For sushi long-timers, the sashimi was thick, very much raw, and so delicious! You would love it!

I always go for anything Eel when out for sushi! Whatever that amazing BBQ/Teriyaki sauce was that covered this tempura, avocado goodness filled the cracks of my heart! This picture doesn't do this roll justice. It's my new all-time favorite! 

Our last stop was at Ghirardelli Square! It was so charming; the smell of warm chocolate was in the air throughout the complex, and the stores tempted us with boxes and bags and tins of every kind of chocolate imaginable! I was in heaven. In the ice cream shop, you can watch the chocolate used for the hot fudge sundaes being made. A must see for any dessert lover!
The ocean was calling us across the street from the square, so we ate our chocolate overlooking the piers with our toes in the sand. A sweet way to end our adventure in San Fran!

You can watch the chocolate used for the hot fudge sundaes go through the final stages of mixing and processing. The smell is AMAZING!