Happy Halloween Everyone! 
So to be honest, I've never actually enjoyed Halloween until this year. I don't know what came over me, but I was determined to throw a Halloween party complete with food, costumes, candles, and desserts galore! We went all out this year, and I think we might have to make it tradition! You can check out this party in action below! Have Fun Y'all! 
<3 Mandi

Let's just say scary movies, haunted houses, creepy masks, and anything that jumps out at me I try to avoid at all costs! I won't even walk up the driveway of a house that has any freaky Halloween decor. I just keep on walking! So naturally, my idea of a Halloween party is sparkly, cute, and more harvest themed than haunted.

Thanks to Target and Michaels Arts & Crafts, I was able to find all the cute little trinkets I needed to get the house all sparkly and festive for Halloween! I decided bright purple, shiny black, and sparkling orange were perfect for a classy Halloween color scheme. 

Chocolate covered pretzels are the cutest, simplest, party treat ever! You can stick them in a jar, cover them in sprinkles, or bag them up and send them home with your guests!

These adorable Pumpkin Deviled Eggs were delicious and insanely easy! The recipe can be found here 

I basically begged my mom to make her famous Pumpkin Bars, it's a secret family recipe, but she might decide to share them with you if you keep a lookout on her blog! They are seriously melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING! 

What's Fall without pumpkin and squash? 
For dinner tonight I made a Butternut Squash with Pears and Rosemary soup. It was delicious. Took me all morning, but it was worth every minute! Thank you William Sonoma for the great recipe

These Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies are to DIE for! 
Adapted from: Here

I hope your Halloween is magical and delicious this year! Spend a little extra time with your family this season, have so much fun dressing up, and stay safe trick-or-treating! 
Happy Halloween from our family to yours!