October Seaside

Fall is filled with some of my favorite things in the world: food, family, sweaters, colorful leaves, pumpkin bread, and fall break. This year fall break was a much needed time to re-assess my priorities and set goals, whilst being surrounded by scenic views (and my equally as beautiful sisters).

I tend to get swallowed up in the routine of school and other activities, and forget the things that matter most. Going into nature is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress and forget things that aren't very important. There's something about admiring the creations that Heavenly Father has given us that revives and inspires me.

 The ocean is my favorite place in the world. (I prefer the warmth of Hawaii's beaches, but this is beautiful too!) I love the contrast of the water and the vibrant color of evergreen trees in this picture. 

This fall season, try to spend time with people you love, go outside, stress less, and be happy! And eat really good food (fall food is the BOMB-DIGGITY). 
<3 Lindsay