Winter Woods

CHRISTMAS IS COMING... the goose is getting phat!!!! 
Oh man, I'm sorry... couldn't help it. No but seriously, I cannot wait for Christmas!!! This is the greatest time of year because the family comes to town, mom goes crazy on the baking, I break out my winter coats, Christmas music plays all through the house, and we get to focus a little more on others (and more importantly) Christ. Every year I look forward to the overall feeling of love and peace during the holidays, there's just nothing like it!


Let's talk family traditions. 
So in my family, there are ten of us. I have five sisters and two brothers, and of course my adorable parents. Now for a college student on a budget, that's a pretty significant number of people to provide Christmas presents for every year. To solve our little dilemma, our parents decided to have us draw names every Christmas. It has become one of my favorite traditions ever! I don't know why I love it so much... I guess it's just fun to go all out on one of your siblings and go crazy on all the stuff you know they would love. The easiest person to shop for is Allie. You literally could get her a Jamba Juice gift card and a sweater, and she will love you forever!

This year our mom set up ALL of our Christmas decorations like two weeks before Thanksgiving. We gave her such a hard time about it, yet we all secretly loved it! We usually set up our tree the day after Thanksgiving and when we decorate we blast Kurt Bestor, drink hot chocolate, pop popcorn, and mom always makes fresh cinnamon rolls. They are To. Die. For.

The weather at home has been a little unreal. 
I'm used to snow by Halloween, but this year it has been warm and sunny! No snow yet (knock on wood)! I am sooo not complaining, although I do hope we get a white Christmas this year. I'm a little obsessed with this coat I got a Forever21, I've been wearing it everyday, and it's super cute and warm for the winter! It would make a great Christmas present. Also, I've been completely obsessed with this Target shirt, it might also make a great gift! Hailey and I both got them in like every color! Ha!

Lindsay recently threw a Christmas movie party where we watched "Elf" in our pj's and ate enough chocolate to last us the rest of the year! It was great. I thought of that because looking at this picture made me think of an elf... Hailey said all it's missing is the little bell on my toe. 
Gotta love her.

Before you judge me, 
I have ALWAYS wanted to be a ballerina, and every single year in my family all the girls go to The Nutcracker Ballet. It never gets old. I always walk out of there with the urge to twirl in the hallway. That, and I also love to make faces and weird poses for Hailey when we do blog pictures. Anyways, I hope your holidays are filled with love, family, and Christ. Eat lots of sweets for me, find time to relax, remember the true meaning of Christmas, and enjoy the holidays! 
<3 Mandi