Earth To Emerald - Scarf Camera Strap Collaboration

Photographers and friends! I am so excited to share with you a collaboration I did with Becca, one of my dear friends from college, of Earth to Emerald! Becca makes the most adorable scarf camera straps, and this particular strap is one I got to help her design!
You can pre-order this "Hailey" strap starting today on Earth To Emerald! During the first week of this pre-sale, you can also use the discount code "Hailey10" to take 10% off your order!
As a photographer and videographer I am constantly lugging my cameras around on our adventures without a strap on it, mostly because the stock strap that comes with Canon cameras is just not very cute and pretty uncomfortable. I always get looks from people out on the trails when I'm just holding a big camera in my hand, nothing stopping it from dropping off a cliff if I trip or fall. I needed something functional, but also comfortable for when I'm hiking or exploring and this scarf strap is absolutely perfect! 
As you can probably tell, I absolutely love stripes, and the neutral pattern of this scarf makes it totally versatile with my wardrobe.

These straps are a totally cute, functional way to style your photo or video shoots, while tying your outfit together with a trendy accessory.

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