New Year's Goals & Resolutions!


Happy New Year! I cannot believe that it's 2015! A new year means a new start. In our family, we always make a list of our goals that we want to accomplish throughout the year and we really work hard to achieve them. 

We have different categories we place our goals in that include disciple, artist, athlete, student, and explorer. There are lots of other categories you can have, but those are the ones that fit best into what goals I have for this year. 

We try to put three goals in each category to balance it out so there aren't too many that would make us feel overwhelmed, and that there aren't too little that we do less than what we're capable of. Categorizing your goals is a great way to keep them organized and keep track of your progress. It's always good to write down your list and put it somewhere you can always see as a constant reminder. 

Be specific! Make it so every goal is very straightforward so you know exactly what you need to do. If you really want something, you need to push yourself and put in effort in order to get the outcome you're looking for. 


 I always feel so great when I have really worked hard on something and i finally get it done or accomplish it, it gives such great confidence in myself and it makes me want to do more! 

For example, something I want to do this year, is to get more flexible. I'm not just gonna randomly one day be able to do the splits, I have to stretch everyday and put in the work and effort until I'm flexible enough to actually do the splits.

Playing the drums is something I really enjoy doing and want to be a professional at! So, one of my goals this year is to learn and perfect all of the fundamentals and techniques of drum set so I can move on to the harder things and eventually be a pro! 
I hope that you will create a list of your goals and really try your best to achieve them! Happy New Year!
-Abby <3