Hair & Makeup Video Tutorials

Happy Friday, everyone!

We have been busy recording lots of new music we cannot wait to share with you, but in the meantime have had fun creating some videos on our second channel, GSLife, based on your requests and what you'd like to see most.

Since many of you have requested to see how we style our hair and makeup, we've posted these three video tutorials to start you out!

Mandi has been getting requests to show you how she curls her hair. Her curls are easy and fast, and you can learn how she does it in this video!

Hailey also did a video for those who have naturally curly hair and just want to enhance it in her video tutorial here:

For a natural, everyday look, Allie also teaches her daily makeup routine in her video.

We'd love to keep giving you weekly videos that YOU want to see, so tweet us @gardinersisters or leave us a comment to let us know what else you'd like us to create for you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
-Hailey, Allie, & Mandi-