Be Our Guest: Disneyland Eats

Welcome to the Happiest Place On Earth! 
Here is the perfect food guide to an unforgettable adventure at Disneyland 
Where Dreams Do Come True!

Located inside the "Pirates of The Caribbean" ride is the infamous Blue Bayou.
 As one of the most formal restaurants found at the Disney Parks, the food is gourmet, and the setting is spectacular! 

Get ready for the sit-down experience of a lifetime.
The best way to reserve a table in this popular restaurant is to call in your reservations ahead of time before traveling to the park, and be sure to get on the ride to get a quick view of the restaurant from the boats! Ever since we were young we dreamed of eating at the Blue Bayou. It's definitely something you have to experience at least once while at Disneyland. 

The food is delicious. You literally cannot go wrong at Disneyland when it come to the food. There are so many options. We enjoyed the delicious rolls and sweet potato bread before our meal as we tried to save room for the main course!

The fun souvenir ice cubes are definitely kid friendly (along with a lot of the menu) as they light up your drinks and change colors while you're eating. 

We enter the gates as adults. We leave as kids. 

As part of your meal you can choose soup or salad, 
I'm sure the soups are great, we all happened to choose the house salads, and they were light and delicious and the perfect start to a magical meal. 

Turkey, Ham, and Swiss Cheese battered and fried to golden brown served with a Fruit Skewer. 

It is as good as it looks. 
Sweet, savory, and mouthwateringly delicious! You can dip these french toast-like sandwiches in the blackberry, raspberry, and a cream sauces on the side. So good! 

Marinated in a Balsamic Vinaigrette, then Broiled and served with Roasted Corn and Bell Pepper-Israeli Couscous, and Sautéed Spinach. 

Beautiful presentation and delicious smokey flavor! 
Those were probably the largest mushrooms we have ever seen in our lives, not to mention
this makes a great vegetarian option. 

Cajun-spiced with Butternut Squash Risotto, Citrus Mousseline, and Salsa Verde.

Perfectly seared salmon. Seriously gourmet. 
The display was beautiful, and the flavors were quite the experience! We could eat this all day!

You also can't go wrong walking through all the bakeries, ice cream shops, and cafes down Main Street on when you first enter the park. Just before Fantasyland, there's an adorable Mary Poppin's themed diner called the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, it's the one with the yellow umbrellas! Be sure to try the soups and sandwiches.
Our personal favorite is the Caprese Panini! They also have live music every couple of hours, so you can enjoy the musicians while you eat, and it's also a great spot to watch the parades!

As you come out of the Blue Bayou restaurant 
and walk down the magical streets of Disneyland, you can find all sorts of good food. 
See where the random couple is staring with their mouths watering down in the left corner of the picture?
What they're looking at is a small cafe with the best gumbo, beignets, and yes, chicken fingers. Be sure to stop by in-between your rides! 

Yes my friends. Some of the best churros in the world!
We're not sure what it is about Disneyland, but for some reason the churros, popcorn, pretzels, and ice cream taste sooooooo much better than anywhere else! 

Speaking of ice cream...
There are only a couple places in the United States where you can find Dole Soft-Serve ice cream. Lucky you, there happens to be one at Disneyland!!! 

The line can sometimes be long, but they are completely worth it! The shorter line is always the one inside the Enchanted Tiki Garden, not the one that wraps around the front.

On your way to the Tiki hut, check out the side market areas that have pineapple spears, and our personal family tradition, pickles! 

When it gets hot
this is the perfect way to cool off and enjoy a refreshing dessert! 

As you continue down Adventure Land,
head over to the Indiana Jones ride and grab a fast pass. Once you've got it and you're waiting, cross the street right in front of the entrance to the ride. 
You are now at Mandi's favorite BBQ stand in the entire park; The Bengal Barbecue.

Grilled to perfection, choose your favorite kind of skewer (or two or three or five) and enjoy!

By the time you're done trying them all, your fast pass will be good to go! 

What's Disneyland without all the characters?
We stayed at the beautiful Paradise Pier Hotel and ate breakfast with all our favorite classic Disney characters! It was such a blast! 
We may have been the biggest kids there, but we LOVED it! 

And Stich obviously loved Hailey...

The food. Oh my. The food.
First off it was a buffet, so we went crazy. Second, the food options were definitely as equally magical as the park itself. And third, they had to roll us out because of how much we ate. 
Mickey mouse waffles, banana foster french toast, hash browns, fresh guacamole & salsa, an omelette station, scrambled eggs, bacon... the works!

Disneyland is definitely one of our very favorite places in the world! 
We had a blast riding all the rides, taking pictures with all of our favorite characters and princesses, and we especially loved eating our way through the parks! Check out our second youtube channel to watch part one and two of our Disney adventures! We take you on the rides and give you more of an exclusive look on the parks! We hope you have fun trying all our favorite food spots at Disney, and that your experience is magical!
You can watch part one of our vlog here:

We love you!
And Mickey loves you...
-The Gardiner Sisters-