Happily Ever After

As artists and creators, we are constantly trying to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and create videos and music that is of the best quality, fresh, and different from anything we have done before. Writing and recording our "Better" EP was not only a huge step for us musically, but has allowed us to experiment with ideas visually as we have come up with the concepts for our music videos to accompany the songs from the EP.

In the past we've always tried to tell stories of relationships with boys and girls, love and heartbreak. We have stepped out of the box with our newer music to tell new storylines and incorporate ideas that don't include boys and date scenarios, and instead have done ballroom dancing, gone under cover as secret agents, and focused more on creating a really fun and memorable experience for you guys in our latest music video for "Happily Ever After".

We wanted to try something completely different with this video and were trying to think of ways we could give back to those people who support us, buy our music, subscribe to our channel, and share our videos. You guys mean the world to us! Without you, none of this creating and stretching and learning would be possible.
So we came up with the idea of including some of you in the video! We held a contest, and chose six amazing people in California to come hang out with us at the Santa Monica pier, watch our filming process, be in the video, and then just spend some time together making new friends!

The result was something we had never anticipated: we walked away feeling more fulfilled, happy and grateful than any other video we've ever done, simply because of the people we got to meet and know personally. People we would never have met any other way!

We asked our friend Luke Melrose, who shot our "All My Life" music video, if he would be willing to come and help make this happen for us. Despite having a serious back injury that made it so he could barely stand and walk, Luke was willing to give his time and talents to us and helped not only create an awesome video, but a positive and fun environment for everyone who came to be a part of it. We are so lucky to have met Luke and are so grateful for him! Luke brought along his friend Troy to also help out, and was equally as kind and helpful. We couldn't have done it without them!

We are so grateful for the kindness and genuine love and support that was shown to us by these 6 people and their friends who were a part of this video. We will never forget them and can't wait to reunite as a group of friends in the future! We were able to create friendships that will last and have a wonderful time together shooting something for the rest of you to enjoy! Thank you to Jessie, Jenna, Cesar, Nevin, Alex, Ryan, Drew, Sean, Troy, & Luke for the amazing experience! We love you guys!

This definitely won't be the last time we do a video like this. We are motivated and can't wait to visit cities around the world and spend time with more of you who we consider to be friends we just haven't met yet!
Thank you all, we love you and hope you enjoy the video!
-Gardiner Sisters-