How to Feel Good and Happy Everyday!

Life can be difficult, demanding, and challenging.
Life will test our patience and stretch us to the limits. I have some good news for any of you who might feel this way, or have felt that way in the past and want the remedy for 24/7 happiness!
The answer is simple, and it’s all about balance.
 Can you really be happy all the time even when everything around you seems to be so demanding on you? The answer is YES! Here are some ways that I stay happy no matter life’s circumstances or my schedule.
There are three basic steps: start your day right, get in tune with you, and keep a schedule.

Start Your Day Right
Now my sisters can tell you that I have always struggled with balancing school, work, boys, family, exercise, sleep… just everything. This past week I took this wellness thing very seriously, and I cannot believe how amazing I have felt! So I want to share with you the things I’ve done in the past that always keep my happy, along with what I discovered this week!

Wake up early and read!
Getting up with the sun instead of sleeping in until 10 has given me so much energy and more hours in my day to get everything done. I feel that reading is so good for a person intellectually and emotionally. It is relaxing, it wakes up that brain, and paired with a fuzzy blanket and hot chocolate, you just can’t beat it. I love to read the bible and other scriptures in the mornings. I’ve found when I start my mornings with prayer and the Lord, that He helps keep me sane throughout the day, and remember what is most important so I better prioritize my ‘to do’ list. This morning routine relaxes me and puts me in a good mood without fail!
Who doesn’t want that?

Get In Tune With You
Now that you’re feeling awake and ready to conquer your day, fuel yourself physically. I am a firm believer of breakfast. Not skipping breakfast will help you have the energy that you need and will help you to stay awake in class, at your desk at work, and for all those other after school and work activities.

Listening to your body and your soul is key to finding balance and having that constant peaceful, happy feeling. Not only should you try to eat well for the sake of having energy, but you also need to pay attention to the things that you enjoy. Incorporate those activities into your daily life; they will put a smile on your face.

Get outside.
Get in touch with the beauty of nature and the great local places around you. Fresh air is good for your body and soul. Be adventurous and explore some hiking trails or sit on a bench at the park and soak in some sun. After a long day at school I would sit on a blanket outside and do my homework. It was heaven!

Do something with a friend.
There is no better way to relieve stress than to laugh it off with a friend or sibling. We all need those social outlets sometimes where we can just sit and talk with someone and enjoy being around others. I still have found memories of almost everyday after track practice in high school, my best friends and I would go to Chick-Fil-A and sit for a couple hours just laughing and talking about anything and everything.  

Do something you enjoy alone.
You need time to think and you need time to recharge those batteries. That won’t happen if you’re in a room full of people. I’ll give myself an hour everyday to read, write a song, get on Pinterest, exercise, bake something crazy, meditate, and just about anything to have some quality Mandi time!
 It. Feels. So. Great.  

Do something for someone else.
Once you’re feeling balanced from taking some time for you, use that energy you get from it to help someone else. Drop off a couple of those cookies you just made, or call someone who might need a friend, or even volunteer somewhere. The greatest happiness you will find in your day will come from the times when you are doing things for others!

Keep A Schedule
Once you figure out what works for you and what you enjoy, write it down and repeat! You will keep that daily happiness going, and you will feel ready to face the world and the challenges you are going through. Life is so great, and we can get so much more out of it if we try to stay balanced and do those little things that make us smile everyday.

We love all of you so much!
Have fun living everyday to its fullest and enjoying the journey!

<3 Mandi