Hold Back The River

James Bay. What can be said about James Bay? He is a killer songwriter and performer, and we couldn't wait to cover one of the best songs off of his debut album "The Chaos and The Calm". When we released our "Better" EP, our record debuted at #4, right in between James Bay & Ed Sheeran on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts. What an honor!

Such an amazing location!

After we recorded the song, we knew exactly what we wanted the video to look like, and were able to use our friend Tyson Henderson and his wife Hayley to film it out in the middle of nowhere!

When we got to the location, someone had already created a HUGE "G" out of rocks. We were amazed! In some of the aerial shots you can see it on the ground in front of us. Coincidence? We think NOT!

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Hailey was so excited to play her new red guitar...channeling James Bay.

Thank you for continually supporting us and allowing us to try new things and create, create, create for YOU! Have a beautiful weekend!
Hailey, Allie, & Mandi