Back To School: Lindsay's Tips

B A C K  T O  S C H O O L  
It's that time of year again! We put together a video on our second channel with 5 hair and outfit ideas, as well as a 5 minute makeup tutorial to help you start off the school year right.

Sometimes it's difficult to transition from lazy summer days to 7 am classes, but we can do it! School sports, clubs, friends, and back to school clothes shopping can make this time of year a little more exciting!

S T Y L E  T I P S:
My school style is VERY casual, especially considering how cold the classrooms are in my high school. I live in leggings, soft  t-shirts and sweaters during the school year. I call Friday "Friday Try Day", and usually put a little bit of effort into my outfit on this day! I don't worry too much about what I wear when it comes to school, I just like to be comfortable! ( I ain't got nobody to impress...)

B E A U T Y  T I P S :
When it comes to beauty for school, I keep it very simple. For hair, I sleep in braids so that my hair is wavy the next day, or put it in a bun on a lazy day. Dry shampoo saves my life on those days when I stay up too late studying (or possibly watching lots of episodes of Restaurant Impossible) and don't have time to wash my hair! As for makeup, I have condensed my makeup routine so it only takes me five minutes! Wear what you feel comfortable in, but I like to keep my makeup natural for school! 

S C H O O L W O R K  T I P S :
1. Try hard to do well in schoolwork. 
It's amazing what putting in a little bit of work can do for your grades. Try turning things in on time and even studying a little more ( I'm still working on this one). It will help your grades and promote good work ethic! 
2. Procrastination is baaaaad news. 
I am so guilty of starting a project the night before it's due. It's not worth the stress! I find that getting things done as soon as possible saves so much time and energy. 

3. Ask for help. 
I am the type of person who used to look at asking for help as weakness, but it is not! Going to teachers or tutoring when I'm confused about a concept has saved me. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
4. Don't stress! 
Though it may not seem like it now, our years at school go by so fast! We should enjoy this time while we are young to get an education, play sports, make friends, go on adventures, eat good food and enjoy life! Education is VERY important, but sometimes five pages of math homework isn't worth freaking out over.  It's all about balance! 

School can be easy peazy lemon squeezy. It's what we make it! Make this year your best one yet!