Hailey's Fall Favorites & Autumn Playlist

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! As soon as October 1st rolled around this year, I made a conscious effort to be present in the feelings and beauty of this season and to really express my gratitude for each new experience I'm given. I can honestly say that it has been so FUN to bake pumpkin treats, light my favorite candles, go on walks as the colored leaves are falling to the ground, and enjoy the October sunshine and cool weather and to be


for it.

A U T U M N   E A T S 

This year I decided I wanted to try baking as many festive baked goods as I could since I'm obsessed with any food that includes the warm flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and cloves! I've made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, waffles, pancakes, muffins, and my mom's amazing pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. If you follow me on


, I've actually tried every recipe I've pinned and they have been so delicious! Harney & Sons also has a really yummy

Pumpkin Spice Herbal Tea

that I got at Target!

 I've taken to collecting mock neck tops and love how they look paired with some basic black pants and booties! I feel classy like Audrey Hepburn. Or maybe I'm just channeling my inner Hermione Granger.

A U T U M N  S C E N T S 

Bath and Body works has some really lovely fall scents and I couldn't resist picking up a few to last me through the coming months! I really love the

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Cream

and even bought a fragrance for my car as well! My favorite candle scent is


, Lindsay loves

Sweater Weather

, and Abby is obsessed with

Lakeside Sunrise


S W E A T E R  W E A T H E R 

There's nothing cozier than lounging in a comfy sweater! I stocked up on some great knits from


this year in festive colors like mustard, red, & hunter green. Sweaters, leggings, and my slippers are pretty much my go-to outfit until the sun comes out again in Spring.

A U T U M N   P L A Y L I S T 

Driving through the bright red and yellow trees always makes me feel like I'm in a movie, and I need a good soundtrack to accompany my adventures. This has been my go-to playlist this year that I listen to when I'm driving through the mountains on my way to a hiking trail or on long roadtrips, so I thought I would share it with you! Some of these artists are my all-time favorites and create that sweet, nostalgic and thoughtful vibe I love to feel when I'm outdoors. Uplifting and beautiful music creates feelings of peace and gratitude in my heart!


Lonesome Dreams

- Lord Huron

Old Pine

- Ben Howard

into the wild

- Lewis Watson


- Bon Iver

A Little Opus

- Little Comets

Fortune (Acoustic)

- William Fitzsimmons


- Gabrielle Aplin


Ben Howard

Window to the Sky

- Kim Churchill


- Bombay Bicycle Club


- Bon Iver


- A Fine Frenzy


- William Fitzsimmons

Ends of the Earth

- Lord Huron 

St. Clarity

- The Paper Kites

In The Wind

- Lord Huron

I've found that it's so easy to be happy when you take the time to be grateful for and enjoy the small things in life, and the changing of the seasons this year provided a chance for me to make more of an effort to express gratitude to my Father in Heaven. As I spend time with my loved ones and open my eyes to the grandeur around me, I feel so much joy and fulfillment and am just so happy to be alive! 

I hope you all can take the time to experience that same joy and peace that comes from being still and finding balance.

Much love,