YouTube for a YouTuber

Who doesn't open up YouTube every once in a while for a good laugh or favorite channel pick-me-up right? I want to share with you my favorite channels that are my "go to" YouTube splurges on weekend nights, complete with my fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate... My sisters and I often laugh about how little time we actually spend watching YouTube, and maybe that's because we're usually on the other side of it, but every once in a while I will get on and enjoy me some good videos!
Just thought I'd share with you some of my favorite videos and channels! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
<3 Mandi

The Perfect Laugh:
Sometimes you just need a good mood booster after a long week at school or work, or even during the day to keep you going and happy! My favorite channel(s) for all things funny are:

The Ellen Show

Kyle Mooney

Beauty Tutorials:
I will admit it! I love to watch makeup tutorials randomly, but I am really picky when it comes to these kinds of videos. I like to watch people who either really know what they're doing, or who are pleasant to watch. Makeup can be so fun to play with, so sometimes if I have nothing better to do I'll watch a makeup tutorial and then try it! 

Lisa Eldridge


Pure Entertainment:
Let's be real... sometimes we just get on youtube to just watch anything and everything! Here's a couple of my go to channels! 



Most Important~ The Music:
Here are a couple of my favorite music channels. Thank goodness for those great YouTube musicians! ;) It's fun to be one, and it's even more fun to learn from each other! Enjoy some of my personal favorites! 

The Fergies

Before You Exit