My Revival + Playlist

It’s a new year, a chance to start fresh. For me, this has happened in a very literal sense the past few weeks as I have been faced with heartbreak, big changes, heavy sadness, and a chance to start over with a clean slate in many areas of my life. Thankfully, I haven't been alone and am so thankful for my sisters, my best friends, who are all going through similar things. I have learned a few lessons I wanted to share with you about how I have, with the help of people I love, the power of music, and the grace of God, experienced a great revival of my spirit and healing of my soul.

Starting Over Is A Beautiful Thing
Hunter Hayes is one of my all time favorite songwriters, and his lyrics really speak to me in times where I’m needing some hope. His song “Where It All Begins” has been our mantra for the past few weeks, and has helped me to remember that “you find out who you are through the pain” and “the hardest times are a part of something so much more.” So thank you Hunter. I LOVE YOU.

Seek God First
In moments of discouragement and sadness, I have learned that if I seek the Lord first, above all other things, I can still feel peace even when things are hard. Putting God first means giving Him your heart, your day, your will, and especially the things that may not go the way you had planned. God’s plan is perfect, He is omniscient and all knowing and trying to discover and do His will allows me to feel excited for the future and to grow through difficulty, rather than remaining stagnant and not progressing. Lauren Daigle’s album “How Can It Be” is full of beautiful reminders to trust in God and his plan for me. I also have dedicated time every day to studying my scriptures, praying, and filling my time with positive and worthwhile actions.

Maintaining the proper perspective during this phase of my life has been difficult for some reason, but as I have sought peace through the spirit of the Lord by elevating my thoughts, actions, and intentions, I have felt a great amount of unexpected happiness! Sometimes we have to pray for help or talk to people we love and trust to elevate ourselves and look down on our situation with the proper perspective. Acknowledging that the most sadness and heartbreak I will feel has already passed, and it will only get easier and better from here has helped me to feel God’s love for me and hope in the future.

You Are Loved
I’m grateful for the opportunities for growth that God has given me. In church a couple weeks ago, I heard someone speak about adversity, and how on the days they encounter challenges they say to themselves, “God loves me today. That’s why he is allowing this to happen.” Hearing that changed my perspective completely! God DOES love me, and you, perfectly, and it’s because of that love that we are given trials and hardships, to refine us and help us become more like Him. It’s completely necessary, so we might as well face it with courage and find rest in God’s love!

Revival Playlist

Electric Indigo- The Paper Kites

Ocean – Lauren Aquilina

Proof of Your Love – For KING & COUNTRY

Like The Dawn – The Oh Hellos

First – Lauren Daigle

Where It All Begins – Hunter Hayes & Lady Antebellum

Revelator Eyes – The Paper Kites

Trust In You – Lauren Daigle

Clarity- John Mayer

Elevate – St. Lucia

I hope that whatever challenges you are going through right now will be made easier as you acknowledge that starting over is a beautiful thing, seek God first in your lives, and elevate yourself to gain the proper perspective. You are not alone!  I’m so thankful for the help of  my family and friends and YOU during this time, who help me to remember that these moments are very short in the grand scheme of things, and to look forward with optimism and excitement for the future.
I love you all, so very much.

Photos by Kellie Kano.