Hey Y’all! My name is Mandi. 
I’m 19.... and a few other things.

The Tall One: My older sisters love when strangers think I’m the oldest.  Yes, I might look 25, but I am not. And yes, I’m over 6 feet in my black stilettos, but I’m really only 5’8” 

The Sweet Tooth: Self-explanatory. 

The Runner: Only because I have an issue with sugar, and also because there’s nothing like shutting down your mind, putting on a good playlist, and going for miles in the great outdoors.  

The Arranger: I could literally spend the rest of my life on garage band, in my actual garage, layering harmonies, and creating a masterpiece! It’s incredibly addicting!

The Addict: Speaking of addictions… I’ve got one word for you: Pinterest. Let’s just say my entire wedding is planned… minus the groom, but I’m not exactly rushing that. 

The Mormon: Life is rich when God is at the center of it. My religion is so much of who I am and the gospel alone brings me the most happiness, perspective, and purpose. Thank goodness families are forever!  

The Cupcake: You are what you eat right? I could sit for hours in the kitchen baking cupcakes, and my time is spent wondering how many cookie dough and cake batter options there are out there. The possibilities are endless really!  

The Fangirl: I was the twelve year-old girl with the Nick Jonas binder. Until I met him, then that was just awkward. Michael Jackson is my inspiration, and Prince Caspian is mine. 

The Morning Person: I am the furthest thing from your typical “morning person.” I dare you to wake me up before 9am. It’s not pretty. By ‘morning’ I mean like really, really early. My mind runs a million miles at night, so my most productive and creative hours are from about 12-3am. Weird, I know. 

The Contradiction: I love classical music just as much as I love R&B. I’m the peacemaker of the family, but I also do a good job of stirring the pot. I’m put together on the outside, but on the inside I’m just a big redneck. Don’t get me wrong, I love my teatime, but y’all best hit me up if y’all wanna go four-wheelin’!